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I remember shortly after losing my father that I was angry

But why have I asked this question many times in my life, usually after someone dies, which I care It for? Here are a few things I learned on the road to self-discovery. It goes faster or dies.  It is one of the truths that we all have to end, Woodside escorts say. We will lose people for the rest of our lives. Some of these losses make us sad and angry others don't. I have to wonder why that happened, and I have learned that it has something to do with our relationship with a missing man, Woodside escorts of added. When my father died, I was unfortunate at first but then became angry. How can he leave us? How can he stop fighting and die? Why not been treated before, Woodside escorts say.  It is the most challenging time for me in this situation. I am a bride and have a mother and four younger sisters, depending on me for help. Immediately I realized that my question was rather absurd. Father did not decide to die and leave his family, right I realized that I was angry because he was alone with my brother and sister and my mother, and he would not be near me, Woodside escorts added. Yes, I am mad at selfishness. Father, let me take care of myself in my life. I guess you would say I am angry with God for doing this again. How can he leave me like that? How about my children? But over time, I learned something too. I remembered my selfishness; also, Woodside escorts again. One night when my son told me that he was sad, his father had died because he could not bring him now. Talk about the baby's mouth. That's the blow I need. No one god did anything to me. It's only my husband's time. His life cycle is over. That was not a deliberate attempt to hurt or destroy me. And I don't think it's a test, just like that. Since then, I have suffered more family and friends, Woodside escorts added. But now I see that anger, whether short or long, is a natural reaction to taking something from you. a response to feelings that you cannot control that you lose something that you value in your life. Nobody knows what happens when we die. Of course, we have confidence, but as far as I know, nobody knows. With this uncertainty, fear arises, and in fear, we find reactions like anger. Yes, anger can be a result of anxiety. It is something that pumps adrenaline through your blood and prepares you to fight or run away, Woodside escorts added. But fear can also teach us. If you feel angry after losing someone you love, you are not shy or alone. It is one of the natural advances in the cycle of mourning because death is a natural evolution of the life cycle. Look into your anger and see if you can be afraid without life. Finally, anger will stop, and bitter memories will occur. I knew that I was there; I did that.

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