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Hook Up – What Does It Really Mean?

When my parents went out with each other, it was called courting. Since then, the terms we use to meet others or to enjoy romantic encounters have changed a lot. Today, most young people would probably not even understand the term courting. I have used the term several times when speaking to my London escorts friends, and I have come to realise, many of the girls at our London escorts agency don't even understand what it means. They use other terms such as hook-up?

London Escorts On Hook-Up

The problem is that hook-up, or hooking-up, can mean a multitude of things. When you date London escorts, it could mean that you are just popping out for a quick cocktail or something else entirely. For most people, hooking-up would indicate some kind of sexual hook-up. You get together to have sex with a person that you are normally friends with on an everyday basis. Seniors who have not dated for some time, may find the term rather confusing and not easy to understand. I know that it is like, I have found myself confused as well.

It Is Such An Ambiguous Term?

Yes, I agree with my London escorts friends. This is a very ambiguous term that can mean many things. Instead of using it so freely perhaps we should consider limiting its use instead. A couple of weeks ago, I ended up going out on a private date, not a London escorts date. The guy had suggested that we "hook-up" and I thought that he meant going out for drinks. Sure, he wanted to have one drink, but after the first couple of sips, it soon because blatantly obvious that he meant he wanted to have sex with me. After just one cocktail – no I don't think so. Even London escorts have standards.

Can Hooking Up Lead To Love?

If you take it as a casual friendship and take your time to get to know each other, hook ups may eventually lead to love. But, I am not sure that is the case most of the time. The people who use the term are not really the sort of people who are into long term relationships. They only want to hook up with you for some fun and when they have time. To some, the hook up is just a casual date and does not mean that they have feeling for you. As a matter of fact, I would say that applies to most people who use the term.

So, what should we call meeting up to find out if we have a future? I can't see what is wrong with the phrase "dating". In my opinion, it describes pretty well what it is all about. You are going out on a date and that means you are getting to know each other. Of course, what kind of date you are going out on is seldom talked about. It can be a friendship, a sex date like London escorts like to say, or just a play date. No matter what, I think dating is a much better term to use when it comes to meeting up with someone of the opposite sex or the same sex for that matter.

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